connection timeout with VSE-FTP
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Franz Josef Pohlen
2006-03-07 20:48:42 UTC
Hi listers,

I have a problem with a customer configuration which I don't understand. The
system is z890 with 1000-Base-T-OSA in QDIO mode, zVM 5.2, VSE 2.3 (with the
patch from the Boeblingen lab) and VSE-TCPIP 1.5a. The VSE-TCPIP was
connected via CTC to the VM-TCPIP with PROXYARP. Telnet to VSE works. The
connection itself from the separate FTP-IP-stack also works (it is
reachable), but if a VSE-FTP-client job (// EXEC FTP) tries to get a file
from a windows ftp server it could login but when the GET command was issued
the connection timed out. The GET of the same file from Windows to VM works
in seconds and the PUT to VSE also works in seconds. Because we didn't get
it working, we changed the OSA chpid to OSE, configured the OSASF and
connected the VSE and zVM both directly to the OSA, as it was on the old
Multiprise and the ftp job worked. I have attached both the configurations
with and without QDIO.

Does anybody have an idea what's wrong with the QDIO configuration?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Franz Josef Pohlen
G. Roberts
2006-03-08 05:21:38 UTC
First off, I would cross-post this to the VSE-L newsgroup. You'll
probably get more eyes looking at it. Second, I just recently battled
a VERY similar problem: inbound to VSE was more-or-less fine, outbound,
ridiculously bad; retransmits, SWS, but it eventually got through
unlike yours just timing out. Things to try:

In VSE add this to your config:

Try a SET MAX_SEGMENT=1492 (default is 32767)

Also, try adding a direct route to your your FTP target.

Other troubleshooting:

(DIAG -PERF to turn off)

Analyze result of the DIAG's with the Installation Guide, Performance
section and follow guidance.