New to VM. Where to get answers to dumb ???
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2008-12-08 23:12:11 UTC
I recently inherited the VM support role very suddenly. The person who
supported it left without any kind of turnover, and I have very little
experience with VM.

I took one IBM class, but that's been a while. I can perhaps find another
class, but I have several 'newbie' questions. I have manuals, but it's
hard finding answers to the really basic questions.

I have extensive MVS/ZOS experience. Doesn't help much with VM.

I have questions that excrutiatingly simple, not comfortable using ETR to
ask how to find console logs (how do I find console logs? They seem to be
scattered all over).

I thought perhaps this group would be a good resource but it doesn't seem
to be very active. Any other discussion groups or community sites that are
similar to this one?


2008-12-20 22:01:07 UTC
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