IPL times
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James G. Stracka
2006-02-21 15:01:24 UTC
We used to have some non-sensible devices connected to the system but
remote channel extensions. We often experienced long IPL times until
we put RDEVICE statements into the System Configuration file for them.

We also added RDEVICE statements for the remote sensible devices too,
just in case there were problems with the remote channel extension
software and hardware.

Dale Smith
2006-02-21 23:51:22 UTC
What is running in the other LPARs when you IPL the VM LPAR? Assuming that
at least one or more of the other LPARs are running some flavor of MVS,
what jobs are running in the MVS LPARs? The reason I ask this is because
we share DASD with MVS running on a separate box and if there are jobs
running on MVS that put reserves on some volumes, (like defrags, backups,
for example), and we try to IPL VM when those jobs are running, then the
IPL can take a very long time since VM cannot read the reserved volumes and
will eventually time out. If you do not need access to the MVS volumes in
your VM LPAR, then exclude them in your system config file. You might also
be able to schedule your VM IPL at a time when MVS is 'idle', (like that
ever happens! :-)> ).

Dale R. Smith
Technology Services Senior
IBM Global Services